Alas, No : Being objective does not require one to be non-partisan.

I ran across a link a few days ago to a Politico article from June about the return of American journalism to its partisan roots and how this trend is not a bad one:

Is this the end of all that is good and decent in American journalism? Nah. I say good for them. An abandonment of the pretense to “objectivity”—in many ways a return to American journalism’s roots—is long overdue.

Journalism in the United States was born partisan and remained, for much of its history, loud, boisterous and combative. Note this appraisal of one of our presidents in the leading opposition newspaper of his time: “If ever a nation was debauched by a man, the American nation has been debauched by …. .” The commander in chief—and alleged debaucher—whose name completed this sentence? George Washington.

The article provides a good summary of how American journalism started out as an almost entirely partisan affair and remained so throughout much of its history. It was only in the early and mid-1900 that journalists and news organizations began taking an "unbiased" approach to reporting.

I am certainly not the first to point out the fact that one does not have to be nonpartisan to be objective. The quest for empty objectivity looks increasingly like a means of avoiding the responsibility of making a judgement about what is right and what is wrong.

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  418. What's the worst that could happen?
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  421. You may have built part of it, just not the whole thing.
  422. With friends like these…
  423. Neil Killick on slicing heuristics
  424. Oh, like that could ever happen.
  425. It's a luxury not to have to worry about racism.
  426. Hell #9438
  427. I think it's time for Batman to take a break.
  428. Caribou - *Can't Do Without You*
  429. The right-wing carbon-copy machine
  430. War forever
  431. Finished Jeff VanderMeer's *Authority*
  433. Agent Cooper and the Kingdom Of the Crystal Skull
  434. Disconnecting pay from performance
  435. Hosting my own stuff
  436. All Ebola, all the time
  437. The kids these days
  438. Laboratories of democracy!
  439. Ridley Scott's new movie sounds terrible.
  440. *Gotham* is a pretty disappointing show so far.
  441. Again with Heidegger and the Nazis
  442. Experimenting with posting from Drafts
  443. The new phone is here.
  444. Crap Architecture
  445. iPhone Parking Lot
  446. Starting Proust
  447. *The Conspiracy* (2012)
  448. Immigration reform & deficit hawkery
  449. Facebook: Evil, dumb, or both?
  450. The Apple tech press is weird.
  451. VHS v. Betamax
  452. The answer is always "n + 1".
  453. Conservative intellectuals
  454. Zappos is creepy.
  455. Your phone is not the problem.
  456. Deconstruction
  457. Inspirational
  458. Process improvement
  459. Thanks, but finding interesting stuff to read is *my* job…
  460. Sorry, but writing down all your passwords on a piece of paper is a terrible idea.
  461. People like the idea of privacy and security.
  462. Complicated things are complicated.
  463. The Prometheus sequel might not suck.
  464. That technology thing you like
  465. Priorities, people
  466. WAR!
  467. Heidegger's *Schwarzen Hefte*, or "Leaving Godwin's Law in the rear-view mirror"
  468. Because why spend money on keeping things from exploding and falling apart?
  469. Nice public broadcasting you've got there
  470. Vladimir's Big Adventure
  471. 42
  472. Remember, the government can't do anything right.
  473. Sure, there are ways that *Batman Vs Superman* might not suck.
  474. CVS is getting out of the cigarette business.
  475. Trying out Beats Music
  476. Fine, we'll offer a tablet if we have to, but we're not happy about it.
  477. The synthetic unity of experience
  478. No, we shouldn't go back to Project Management 101.
  479. You should go read *The Unwritten*.
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  481. State of the Union predictions
  482. Childhood traumas: "The Shadow Man"
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  484. I want to like *Helix*, but…
  485. I'm sure ACORN is somehow to blame for this.
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  530. Bespoke
  531. Califone, *Stitches*
  532. Yes, deals with Mr. Morden are likely to end badly.
  533. We want INFORMATION!
  534. Passive-aggressive politeness
  535. Agile is not always the answer to everything.
  536. *My Amityville Horror* is not a great documentary, but it's worth watching.
  537. Google cars
  538. Grant Hart, *The Argument*
  539. Really, DC? REALLY?
  540. Washed Out, *Paracosm*
  541. Suspension of disbelief
  542. This is why bookstores are a niche business.
  543. True Widow, *Circumambulation*
  544. Personal experience v. policy
  545. Concern-trolling Gmail and "the cloud"
  546. Phosphorescent, *Muchacho*
  547. The Washington Post and AWS
  548. St. Patrick’s Day
  549. "You are wrong, and here are the reasons why."
  550. I find it unlikely that VMWare is going to suddenly embrace commodity cloud.
  551. Sometimes a methodology can be taken too far.
  552. "Let's just stick with what we've got..."
  553. What is good about *The Walking Dead* will also be its undoing.
  554. I'm not even sure your enterprise private cloud *could* succeed.
  555. If you haven't already, go watch *Dredd*
  556. The new How To Destroy Angels album
  557. A bit more regarding meetings, and how they suck
  558. Meetings
  559. And next, our plan for when we fail to plan
  560. Finally looked at the NYT's Snow Fall thing
  561. Time-tracking
  562. Prophecy
  563. More guns
  564. Guns
  565. Bold Leadership
  566. Hanlon's Razor
  567. That legacy stuff
  568. It's not about what box someone wants to put it in
  569. Tuhin Kumar on content in a digital era
  570. Money, politics, and Machiavelli
  571. I am skeptical that your tax plan will work any better.
  572. No, that's NOT the definition of insanity.
  573. The Walking Dead, now with more zombies
  574. The original Prometheus script seems interesting
  575. Commonplace is kind of nifty
  576. That Kant was a smart guy.
  577. Petraeus
  578. The World War Z trailer
  579. You should have bicycles
  580. The technorati fallacy
  581. One of my favorite types of requests
  582. The Lucasfilm thing
  583. The hermeneutics of automated configuration management
  584. I kind of agree with Descartes that philosophy should be done later in life
  585. It's not political discussion if you're just yelling at me.
  586. Complicated things are complicated (October 2012)
  587. The forest, the trees, and the DVDs
  588. Undecided voters
  589. David Quammen's new book seems good, but not sure I'll read it
  590. Found a new philosophy podcast
  591. Yes, pitty the poor billionaires and their thankless lives of toil.
  592. The ongoing adventures of Walter Bishop
  593. One can do a lot worse than "good enough."
  594. Is that a missile in your yard, or are you just trying to deter something?
  595. That's fine, but Aristotle still makes for tedious reading.
  596. Nevermind came out 20 years ago today
  597. Messing around with OpenPhoto
  598. Safety nets
  599. So, the Romney thing
  600. Your data-mining sucks
  601. Started watching Homeland
  602. The Clint Eastwood thing
  603. Enjoy the current plethora of music streaming choices while you can
  604. I invoke Sturgeon's Law
  605. Why would the FTC have anything to say about Twitter?
  606. The Lance Armstrong thing
  607. Actually, I expect Todd Akin to announce his candidacy for President any day now
  608. A lot of Can
  609. Finished the first series of *Downton Abbey*
  610. So Paul Ryan is Romney's VP pick
  611. Writing apps
  612. Distorted markets
  613., or, why it's still tough to compete with free
  614. Unfortunately, gun ownership and car ownership are not the same thing
  615. A bit more on the HBO thing
  616. OS upgrades
  617. Or I could just go listen to the album
  618. Monster Movie Week!
  619. As goes Sparrow...
  620. Why is Twitter more interesting to me than Facebook?
  621. Fantastical + Entourage + Exchange = WEIRDNESS
  622. Network neutrality, obviously a communist plot
  623. Nope, advertising just sucks
  624. Reading
  625. Interesting, but seems like asking for trouble
  626. Who needs it!
  627. Advantage, Mutt
  628. Do you want the answer, or not?
  629. ACA coverage and systems failure
  630. To-do lists
  631. So long, Weather Underground
  632. Checked baggage
  633. The challenge of spending any amount of time in Boston
  634. From the $2 bins at the record store
  635. I haven't seen *Prometheus*, but....
  636. The HBO thing
  637. It shouldn't matter which device I'm using
  638. Not exactly random, but good listening
  639. The Dark Knight... meh
  640. Because Kubrick is a good director, and Ridley Scott is not
  641. Country Roads, Take Me Home
  642. Memorial Day
  643. The revolution will not be Harvardized
  644. Chrome + Google Reader + space bar = ANNOYING
  645. Oddball behind-the-scenes photos
  646. The Times-Picayune, and chasing the wrong problem
  647. Experimenting with Pelican
  648. Readlists
  649. The classroom as an open, iterative project
  650. Yes, the Michael Wolff article
  651. Jevon's Paradox and the Cloud
  652. War Hazard Eliminated!
  653. Unintended Consequences
  654. Limbaugh blah blah blah
  655. You’re playing their game
  656. I highly doubt that AppleTV will magically kill the cable companies
  657. Breitbart
  658. I’m not sure I follow *you*, Mr. Romney…
  659. Maybe they think I’m going to buy another one?
  660. A bit more on The Shining
  661. Obviously, The Shining is *really* about the capitalist oppression of the working class
  662. 47 days of music seems like not that much…
  663. Regrettably, a post on campaign finance reform
  664. Why stop with in-app purchases?
  665. Opera would have saved the Lindbergh baby
  666. Actually, I would prefer not to deal with a human
  667. Ip Man
  668. Yes, but I’m still one one who has to decline the meeting invite
  669. Bogeyman
  670. Good streaming stuff I've found on Netflix: *The Blob (1988)*
  671. Good streaming stuff I've found on Netflix: *Isolation*
  672. Good streaming stuff I've found on Netflix: The Crack In the World
  673. BASIC
  674. In which I am paid back for 10+ years of scoffing
  675. The Comcast/Netflix thing
  676. My power is beyond your understanding!
  677. Out-stupiding the TSA
  678. I see what you did there
  679. The problem with *Stargate:Universe*
  680. That "15 albums" thing
  681. Pedestrian v. motorist v. bicycle
  682. Sorry guys, it's still just a hobby
  683. Sunny side up, hold the overflowing manure pits
  684. That's an interesting definition you have there
  685. James Cameron v. the philistines
  686. Sometimes zombies and politics do mix.
  687. Damn hell ass boobies (2006)
  688. Whither censure?
  689. Stealing TV, Part II
  690. OCTOBER?!
  691. Chasing boogeymen
  692. Nice vetting job, folks
  693. In a move that gives bootlicks and sycophants everywhere a bad name...
  694. As goes South Dakota... well, hopefully not
  695. A discovery that should surprise exactly no one
  696. And no, I don’t care what anyone was wearing
  697. The worst idea I’ve ever heard
  698. Once again, ladies and gentleman, the professionals at work
  699. Supporting the freedom-haters
  700. Why I’m glad I’m not a miner
  701. Say it some more, because that will make it true
  702. Music update - February 2006
  703. The Corporation
  704. Watching TV without having TV
  705. Google strikes again (2006)
  706. Belle & Sebastian – The Life Pursuit
  707. Touchy subject
  708. Take my ports. Please.
  709. NUTS!
  710. One year older than I was at this time last year
  711. Gaim 2.0 beta is surprisingly unannoying
  712. Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory
  713. Lewis Black
  714. Uhhhhhhh...
  715. The Yes Men
  716. And again, my apologies
  717. I did it for you, Damien
  719. The site may be slow today
  720. Electronic mediocrity
  721. Maybe they are better off...
  722. Angry Dick strikes again
  723. Capote
  724. The gang that couldn’t shoot straight
  725. Why I don’t believe in a lot of stuff
  726. Wherein Pete despairs
  727. A long overdue return to an old favorite
  728. The Plame Name Blame Game Revisited (with pictures)
  729. Meanwhile, in TV Land...
  730. Hide your puppies
  731. I like VoIP
  732. From the “Oh, ya THINK?!” Dept:
  733. More good stuff (hopefully) from the Beeb
  734. The Monkey and the Sock Puppet, Part VI
  735. So, Mr. Attorney General—what questions will you answer?
  736. The hearings are on.
  737. Apples and oranges
  738. And in somewhat less serious news...
  739. Tune in tomorrow. For nothing.
  740. War in name only
  741. What? Something good from Cincinnati?
  742. Lookee here—I got me a domain!
  743. I will gladly pay you on Tuesday for a scandal today
  744. I suppose that’s one way of putting it
  745. Hooray for books I’ve never read
  746. The State of the Union (in Happy Happy Gumdrop Land)
  748. Flirting with the dark side
  749. Countdown to a big waste of time
  750. What if you had a demonstration and no one cared?
  751. When the hair was big and the booze flowed like water
  752. Weekend music update
  753. The New York Times finally throws down
  754. Today’s project
  755. What not to be looking for on a slow Friday afternoon
  756. The broken record continues to spin
  757. Long time, no music
  758. Yes, I’ve gotten sucked into Battlestar Galactica
  759. At least someone is putting up a fight
  760. More legal contortions
  761. More on Iran
  762. It’s not playing politics when we do it.
  763. Only 20 more hours to go
  764. Original intent
  765. And Iran, Iran so far away, Iran all night and day
  766. You say Alito, I say whatever
  767. Tick, tick, tick, tick
  768. I don’t want to live with the bears
  769. Quick TV update
  770. Still nowhere on the wiretapping
  771. Alas Kermit, we hardly knew ye
  772. Reading too much into The West Wing
  773. A question, sir...
  774. Blogging about blogging
  775. A few changes
  776. HOWTO: The Straw Man
  777. Year-end music round-up
  778. Again with the wire-tapping
  779. The Great Wire-Tapping Caper That Almost Was
  780. King Kong is a giant piece of shit
  781. I’m genuinely shocked
  782. If only we were this interested in our own elections
  783. Angry Dick
  784. The Fellowship of the Wardrobe
  785. Sorry for the delay
  786. The time grows near
  787. Site news - October 2005
  788. Quote of the Day
  789. Serenity
  790. Stop! You’re killin’ me
  791. I want something like War of the Worlds, but on TV
  792. Forensic Show #23
  793. It’s TV time again
  794. Nothing to see here
  795. Going from bad to worse to...
  796. The Return of the Puzzled Chimp
  797. Google Talk
  798. The Crummy Governor vs. the Worst Newspaper on Earth
  799. Liquid Television strikes back from beyond the grave
  800. Voting != Democracy
  801. He’s not lying
  802. Trying to maintain my sense of perspective
  803. The perfect album?
  804. Movies, movies, movies
  805. Yes, Becky, there really is a new post
  806. A bit of background
  807. Leaving, on a jet plane
  808. He also likes puppies and helps crippled children
  809. Consequences of spending two straight days in the rack room
  810. No one ever said beggars can’t be complainers
  811. Again with this story
  812. Music update - July 2005
  814. Whither Rove?
  815. How quaint.
  816. Intellects vast and cool...
  817. and... They’re off!
  818. “I have a secret plan to win the war...”
  819. I’m back
  820. You say quagmire, I say... well... quagmire.
  821. Thank you, FARK
  822. ZOMBIES!
  823. On second thought...
  824. Worst... Interviewer... EVER.
  825. Not with a bang, but a whimper
  826. So it actually didn’t suck
  827. More on the filibuster debate
  828. YES!!
  829. Going nuclear/constitutional
  830. Worth a listen?
  831. Music update - May 2005)
  832. Well, at least it’s not wooden...
  833. Who would have guessed I’d make two posts about the National Weather Service in as many weeks?
  834. Because the government doesn’t have anything better to do...
  835. More on taxes
  836. Happy April 15th
  837. Normally, I welcome change, but...
  838. Long live the Death Tax
  839. Damn hell ass boobies (2005)
  840. Woohoo! It’s Windows Update day!
  841. Wherein Pete refuses to throw his lot in with the fanboys
  842. METAL!!!
  843. The Republicans step up their war on the judiciary
  844. This is the coolest thing EVER
  845. Your tax dollars at work - April 2004
  846. April Fools Day
  847. Groundhog Day, Part II
  848. The devil movies always get me.
  849. IM Annoyances
  850. Wherein Pete attempts to give Congressional Republicans the benefit of the doubt.
  851. What the hell?
  852. I suggest we start a pool...
  853. Drill, drill, drill!
  854. This is getting out of hand.
  855. I, for one, say “Woohoo!”
  856. the gates... THE GATES!!
  857. More “indecency”
  858. And again...
  859. Where have I heard this before?
  860. Anybody want gmail?
  861. Dirty, dirty titties
  862. It’s true because I say it’s true.
  863. Odds bodkins! It has failed again!
  864. One man’s Conservative...
  865. Google strikes again! (2005)
  866. wah-nah NAAHHH nah-nah
  867. More on the latest $80 billion circling the drain
  868. You just can’t write stuff this good.
  869. Argh, I say.
  870. A rose is a rose.
  871. I’d say good riddance, if only I didn’t fear something even worse
  872. Sorry...
  873. “Horse?” asked the Cart, “I don’t need no stinkin’ horse.”
  874. Amusement
  875. The bottom-end of 2004
  876. How Bush Won
  877. New Music
  878. Foolishness
  879. Good news, I think...
  880. The first of many, I’m sure...
  881. Numbers, numbers, numbers
  882. Remember that thing I said yesterday?
  883. We have answered your question, now please go away.
  884. Alright, we’ve fixed that problem. What’s next?
  885. Site news - November 2004
  886. A brief tale of political shenanigans
  887. More good web radio
  888. Another post-election site
  889. If we say it enough, that makes it true, right?
  890. Sorry, everybody
  891. What the hell *is* an activist judge, anyway?
  892. Apologies
  893. Nonsense
  894. Some new music
  895. Your argument is very convincing… if only it were not a tangled web of lies.
  896. The music is back online
  897. What is wrong with our culture, summed up in a single amusing anecdote
  898. Odds and Ends
  899. SCIENCE!
  900. Making a bad situation worse
  901. Derrida, Part II
  902. From the “It Couldn’t Happen To a Better Bunch of People” Dept.:
  903. The Faith-Based Presidency
  904. I am rather disgusted at the moment
  905. Two weeks, man… two weeks…
  906. It’s been fun, Linux, but I just don’t think this is going to work out.